Jun 18, 2008

The Threat Of Radical Islam Cannot Be Defeated With Military Might - It Can Only Be Defeated By One Thing And The U.S. Does Not Possess It Any Longer

A lot of good, patriotic Americans have been completely duped into this war on terror.

This war on terror is one of the stupidest moves in history.

We invade a couple of their countries, dump tons of DU on them, and generally go all Nazi on them.

But what happened?

We found out when you kill one "terrorist" you create two more.

When you torture one "terrorist" you create ten more.


Now we have a billion screaming Muslims yelling for our blood.

So what do we do? Do we "stay the course"?

So I ask all supporters of this war:

What are you going to do to win?

Invade all the Muslim countries, kill all the Muslims and commit the greatest genocide in human history?


Then you lose. These people will NEVER EVER EVER forget what we have done, and they will eventually get their hands on nuclear bombs.


Then you still lose. You become the greatest and most evil monsters in all of history.

Let me say this clearly:


There is only one thing that can defeat radical Islam.

But America no longer has it in it's arsenal.

It is the gospel of Jesus Christ.

But even the CHRISTIANS in America today would rather use guns to fight Islam.

It is a disgrace.

Here are some examples of the power of Jesus the Messiah turning people from Islam:




If you are trapped in Islam, you can find a way out through Jesus Christ:


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