May 13, 2008

Bird Flu Alert! South Korea Kills ALL Poultry In Seoul As Panic Spreads

The Bird Flu is quickly becoming a pandemic.

This week officials in South Korea killed ALL poultry in their capital in an effort to fight the disease.

In 2008, Bird Flu has reached levels never seen previously all across south Asia. Millions and millions of birds are being slaughtered (also creating a shortage of food), but the Bird Flu continues to spread like wildfire.

Here is an article on the events in South Korea:


SEOUL (AP) — South Korean officials said Monday they have killed all poultry in Seoul, the capital, to curb the spread of bird flu following a new outbreak of the disease in the city.

Quarantine officials destroyed 15,000 chickens, ducks, pheasants and turkeys raised in farms, restaurants, schools and homes in the capital, said Kim Yoon-kyu, a Seoul Metropolitan Government official.

The Seoul government said the slaughter was necessary to contain the disease. It said it will now focus on preventing live poultry from being brought into the capital.

The slaughter began Sunday night, hours after authorities confirmed Seoul's second outbreak of bird flu in less than a week.


Of course those of us in the know are aware that the prophets of God have been telling us for the years that the Bird Flu is going to become a global pandemic and millions of humans are going to die:

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