May 28, 2008

Do Americans want an impersonal cosmic Santa Claus God who will never hold them accountable for anything and give them whatever they want?

As I have visited various forums around the internet, I have noticed thread after thread where people talk about what they "think" God is like or where people talk about what they "feel" God should be like.

It seems that Americans want God to be some sort of impersonal cosmic Santa Claus:

-They want God to be "everywhere" or "in everything" so that He will not be personal so they don't have to deal with Him.

-If God does exist, they want Him to make their lives always super happy and they want Him to give them whatever they want whenever they want it.

-And at the same time they want God to approve every single thing they do and to never, ever hold them accountable for anything.

A lot of people are talking about what they think or want God to be like, but nobody is talking about the evidence.

Well, let's talk about what the evidence does show:

-God DOES exist:

-Jesus Christ really did come to the earth:

-Jesus Christ really did rise from the dead:

-All of this was foretold by God in the Bible with specificity: (Click "Watch" to view the presentation)

-Jesus is alive and doing miracles in our day:

-Jesus is appearing to people all over the globe:


-Jesus is coming again and the signs that were foretold in the Bible are coming to pass right in front of our eyes:

If you are interested in becoming a Christian, here is a website that will show you what to do:

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