May 28, 2008

Good News! The European Parliament Passes A Resolution Against Depleted Uranium Weapons In A Landslide Vote!

Great news!

The European Parliament has passed a resolution against DU weapons in a landslide vote. The dangers of these weapons are becoming more commonly known every day, and this is a great step by a government body to fight the proliferation of these weapons.

If you do not know about the horror of depleted uranium weapons, then I would encourage you to read the following article about these weapons that I posted recently:

Hopefully more and more government bodies will learn the truth.

But this latest news is an encouraging sign.

Here is the source article:


The resolution reflects an increasingly outspoken position from the European Parliament on the issue of uranium weapons. It begins with a call for EU member states to submit reports on DU to the UN Secretary General in line with last year's General Assembly resolution and classifies DU along with cluster bombs and landmines as inhumane. In response to the wealth of new information on DU's threat to health, it then requests that the European Council and Commission launch studies into areas where DU has been used.

It then calls for a halt to the deployment of military and civilian personnel in areas where DU has been used and urges member states to provide information on DU hazards to service personnel and civilian organisations.

The resolution goes on to request that an environmental inventory recording the use of uranium weapons is set up and that a financial mechanism is put in place for victim assistance in contaminated areas.

EU and NATO member states are finally urged to impose a moratorium on DU's use and to redouble efforts that may lead to a global ban.

(You can read the rest of the article at the link above)

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