May 4, 2008

The Gospel According To Oprah Winfrey: Jesus Did Not Come To Die On The Cross

For years Oprah has promoted New Age religion on her television show, but in the past few months she has taken her promotion of false religion to an entirely new level.

Oprah is now holding weekly internet "lessons" for the whole world with her new spiritual superstar Eckhart Tolle.

These are some of the things Tolle has written:

"All religions are equally false and equally true, depending on how you use them."

"Man made God in his own image."

Did you know that Oprah is openly denying Jesus Christ to the whole world?

Oprah said on her television show that there could not possibly be one way to God.

Oprah recently said that she does not believe that Jesus came to die on the cross, but rather that the purpose for Jesus coming was to teach us "Christ consciousness".

Oprah is also promoting the teaching of New Age guru Marianne Williamson, and she has given Williamson a radio show on her own radio network to promote such beliefs as:

"There is no sin."

A "slain Christ has no meaning."

"Do not make the pathetic error of 'clinging to the old rugged cross.'"

"The recognition of God is the recognition of yourself."

These are the things that Oprah REALLY believes and has been promoting over television and radio.

So welcome to the church of Oprah where there is no sin, no need for salvation, no heaven, no hell and where you are God:


  1. How can anyone listen to Oprah and not think that she is completely off base?! I just hear the things she says, and read the things that she is quoted for and my mouth just drops. Oprah leading this new religious revolution screams of end-time prophesy. It is comforting to me to know that Christ's return is approaching, but it scares me at the same time to know that people will be lead astray by this false prophet. My Mom is an Oprah follower, and it frightens me so much to know that she will most likely be lead astray, and I want my Mom to be in heaven for eternity. If my Mom follows Oprah then there is no possible way that she will make it to heaven. Something else that bothers me about Oprah with her religious uprival is that she still calls herself a Christian, when to be a Christian you must believe and follow in Jesus Christ. She is completely denying anything that Jesus did for us, for everyone. And then the whole "there is no sin" thing, if there was no sin, there would be no need for salvation, and without a need for salvation, no redeemer. And how does she explain death then, why do people die, especially if we are all gods. Personally, if i was a god, I would make myself immortal, but I know that I'm not a god, and therefore I will die, because I am mortal. I need salvation, so does whoever that reads this. Even Oprah needs salvation. I'm hoping that Oprah will read this and contact me personally so that I may tell her how wrong she is. However, I have a feeling that her heart is so hardened that when I tell her the truth she will be too stubborn to recognize it. I just pray for her in the end-times that are quickly approaching, that she will either turn from her ways, or that God will have mercy. However, at that point, God will not have mercy because he judges the unjust. Without Jesus we are all unjust! God bless.

  2. May the strongholds be broken off the minds of those deceived by the lie of the pernicious one. May their eyes be opened to see you Father and their ears be opened to hear the Word of Truth. Soften their hearts that they will receive your Word as Truth and know all the goodness and mercy that you have lavished upon us. The Word of God is Yes and Amen. God you are able to do exceedingly abundantly far above all we could ever ask or think. Reveal yourself to those lost or confused and dying. Surround them with your angels to minister to them.
    Jesus died for the sake of redeeming the lost. The lost stolen by the sceem of the enemy of Christ. Open their hearts and minds father to see your truths to know that there is only one way to God. God your word is Truth and you are not a man that you should lye.
    To be a Christian is to proclaim Jesus Christ the Lord of your life. The bible tells us: To confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and to believe in our hearts that God raised Him from the dead and you shall be saved.( Romans 10:9) For with the heart man believes resulting in righteousness, and with the mouth he confesses resulting in salvation.( Romans10:10)
    I ask this in,
    Jesus Mighty, Strong and Most Wonderful Name
    Merry Christmas And A Blessed And Prosperous New Year To All.

  3. Gibran Khalil Gibran and now Eckhart Tolle and Oprah all these new age gurus are free to think what they want,but that is not the truth and opposite to christianity.Millions of people were attracted to Gibran who was a pioneer of new age,in his book Jesus son of man divested Jesus of His divine nature and miraculous attributes presenting Him as a sententious sage,a guru.If we have to attain salvation by our own efforts,the sacrifice of Christ becomes useless.I ask Oprah if she dare,to speak on tv about the power of the cross and blood on that good friday in Jerusalem in 1994 in the book the coin of the temple by souheil bayoud,(published in 2006).

  4. Has anyone acknowledged that Oprah's "religion" is called Unitarian Universalism and her powerful influence is helping it to quietly seep into our Christian churches? The UU's do have their own church meetings and are attracting many who think themselves Christians but are looking for acceptance they haven't found. UU's teach "tolerance" and say it's OK to believe whatever and whoever you want,even atheism, yet there is usually great offense taken if a Christian "imposes" their beliefs; sin, Heaven, and Hell are non-existent. Instead of prayer they light candles of 'concern' and 'celebration'. They sing "hymns" to Nature and who knows whom; the name of Jesus is left out of hymns. They read from and speak on the literary works of famous intellectuals rather than the Bible. Cremation is the preferred choice for funerals. Political thought is extremely liberal. Everything is intellectualized and a UU will argue to the death if given the chance; debate with a UU is a futile endeavor. They tend to be compassionate of the hurting and less fortunate and show generosity (as Christianity also teaches); there is just enough 'truth' in their religion to make it attractive and to draw people into the deception--again, this deception is discreetly seeping into Christian churches! But Satan has always used these tactics since the Garden of Eden, presenting himself as beautiful, an 'angel of light'. The Bible tells us to beware of false prophets; we need to be educated about Unitarian Universalism before it takes our whole society captive.

  5. Oprah,you've just made a big mistake: the uniqueness of our Lord Jesus Christ is not subject to any form of controversy; its a settled issued.

  6. I stopped watching Oprah years ago after one particular show in which I felt she was trying to push her personal values and beliefs on her audience. If I remember correctly, it was her bringing on a psychic that was supposed to be so popular and believable. God does not like fortune tellers and I believe now that the Holy Spirit was guiding me and leading me away from her 'movement' which was to come. I always trust the Holy Spirit to guide me along in my life, to show me the truth and the light and lead me away from the darkness. God bless you all!

  7. Jack Van Impe was right. She is an (if not the) Antichrist.