May 27, 2008

In The United Nations We Trust? Investigation Reveals Continuing Sexual Abuse Of Children As Young As 6 Years Old By U.N. "Peacekeepers"

For years it has been an open secret that U.N. "Peacekeepers" regulary abuse children sexually. It has been reported numerous times and in numerous places that this abuse has been found in many countries and in many varying situations.

This shows how sick our world has become and just how little trust we can have in the United Nations.

Now this report by Save The Children gives us some additional details about this abuse that we did not have before.

Here is an excerpt from the source article:


Sexual abuse of children as young as six by aid workers and United Nations peacekeepers has continued unchecked despite repeated promises to stamp it out, according to a 12-month investigation.

More than half of the children interviewed in three countries, Ivory Coast, South Sudan and Haiti, knew of cases of forced sex with aid staff or peacekeepers.

The assaults were often in return for the very food or protection supposed to be provided to the vulnerable in a crisis.

Similar allegations have dogged UN missions since the organisation sent peacekeepers to Cambodia in the 1990s. However, today's report, from Save The Children, is the first to point the finger at civilian aid staff, including those working for British charities, as well as soldiers.

(Article continues at the link above)

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