May 23, 2008

Is Bill Clinton Secretly Pushing For Hillary To Be Obama's Choice For VP?

As Time magazine first reported on Thursday, the friends and associates of the Clintons are buzzing with rumors that Bill Clinton is secretly pushing for Hillary to be Obama's choice for VP.

Of course Hillary's campaign is completely denying this for now, as she maintains that she is focused on winning the nomination herself.

However, there is more and more information coming out that Bill Clinton is determined that if Hillary is not to win the nomination that she should at least get the number 2 spot.

This prospect has many Democratic operatives excited, as they see it as a great opportunity for the Democratic party to reunify itself.

Here is the source article from the Houston Chronicle:


While Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and her advisers insist that she is determined to win the Democratic nomination, former President Bill Clinton, for one, has begun privately musing about a different outcome for her: As Sen. Barack Obama's running mate.

The prospect of an Obama-Clinton ticket has been fodder for political gossip for months, with some Democratic leaders pushing the idea as a way to unify the party. The Obama and Clinton campaigns have consistently shrugged off the idea, however, and Clinton has been adamant that she is only interested in the presidency.

But Bill Clinton, according to associates, sees the vice presidency as perhaps her best path to becoming president someday if she loses the nominating fight.

A spokesman for Clinton's campaign said Thursday that Bill Clinton had not had private conversations in which he was pushing her for the vice presidency or arguing that she deserved it, and that he believes that the choice of a running mate is a personal one for the nominee.

Still not giving up

Friends of the former president say his musings have been more casual: He believes that an Obama-Clinton ticket could help unify the party, and he thinks that she has earned a meeting with Obama to discuss the possibility.

According to these friends, who spoke on condition of anonymity so as not to be identified revealing private talks, Bill Clinton believes that his wife's victories in major primary battles, like Ohio and Pennsylvania, and the 16 million votes cast for her candidacy make her the proper choice for Obama.

"If she's not going to be the nominee, then he wants her in the second spot," said one friend of the Clintons. "In the long run, it's the best way for her to run again in 2016."

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