May 22, 2008

The Link Between Vaccines, Mercury And The Autism Epidemic

For years a debate has been raging regarding the link between vaccines, mercury and the autism epidemic. Autism among our children is at an all-time high, and children are required to take 3 times as many shots as they used to, but any suggestion of a link between vaccines and autism is quickly attacked by the drug industry.

The drug industry has billions of dollars, so who can win against them, right?

Well people are starting to wake up.

People are starting to notice that autism is UNKNOWN among the Amish.

And guess what?

The Amish don't get their children vaccinated.

So is there a link?

Are we damaging the brains of our children by pumping them full of mercury? Many parents experience the same thing.....the child is perfectly fine until that third round of shots, and then they start convulsing and then *BAM* they are gone.....

If you have a young child I highly encourage you to get the facts.

The following is an excerpt from an excellent article on this issue that we wanted to share with you:


Vaccines, Mercury, and Autism – Is There a Link?

In recent years, there has been an explosion of neurological disorders among children, the most serious of which is the crippling syndrome knows as autism.

The dramatic increase in the incidence of autism has accompanied the more than tripling of the childhood vaccination schedule, and many parents have described how their perfectly normal, alert, intelligent, healthy infants suddenly regressed into an autistic state after receiving vaccination shots.

Pediatricians and health officials have long ridiculed the claims of parents of thousands of autistic children, that vaccines appear to have played a role in their children’s regression. But these claims have been corroborated by the recent admission of medical experts at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services who conceded, in a case before a secretive special court, that childhood vaccinations contributed to causing Hannah Poling, a child from Athens, Georgia to, in effect, become autistic (contract a brain disorder "with features of autism spectrum disorder").

What has been largely overlooked in this debate is the well known and extreme toxicity of mercury, a preservative used in most childhood vaccines and flu shots, known for hundreds of years to be toxic to nerve cells, and especially harmful to the minds of developing children.
The routine flu vaccination now being recommended for almost all Americans, including kids as young as six months and pregnant women, contains about 25 micrograms of mercury, perhaps the most toxic non-radioactive compound on earth.

(You can read more of the article at the link above)

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