May 16, 2008

Time.....Where Did It Come From? If Time Did Not Begin, The How Is It Possible That We Are Even Here?

Okay all you philosophers out there, this article is about the topic of time.

More specifically, it is about the nature of time.

What is time?

Where did time come from?

More importantly, how can we even explain how we got to this point in time.

Let me elaborate.

If time moves in a linear fashion, then wouldn't an infinite amount of time have had to have passed in order for us to be here today?

So how are we here?

Okay, you may say that time moves in a circular fashion.

Well, wouldn't an infinite amount of cycles have had to have passed in order to reach this present cycle?

Or did time have a beginning?

So how long does this go back?

Was there ever a day that did not have a yesterday?

If not, and time goes backwards in an infinite direction, then how is it possible that an infinite amount of time has passed and we are here today?

Please feel free to post in the Comments section if you have thoughts on this issue.


  1. Humans made up time as we went, it's based on how long it takes to make a full orbit around the sun. Days, hours, minutes, seconds were then equally divided up to equal what is now known as a year (365 days.) Which is why we have a leap year too, you can call it a "time reminder". Anything before when it was first made up is just a general educated guess and not an exact time. If someone says 20 billion years ago that isn't exact down to the very second.

  2. "If time moves in a linear fashion, then wouldn't an infinite amount of time have had to have passed in order for us to be here today?" No this assumes that time was always present.Which then argues that time therefor created itself, and continues then to define and govern itself. This is Time is part of certain factors to an event, then it can not function by itself.i.e.Something has to happen during a set period of time.Even if it's nothing.Time exists, because matter exists,because energy exists.All of these are critical parts to any event. Therefor if matter can not be destroyed and had to be called into existence, then time also had to be called into existence at the same time.So an infinite amount of time could not have past to bring us to this time in space.

  3. I actually believe in the Mutiverse theory, but I also believe that time is the main controller of all of them. It spreads it's arms through each universe as a tree root through the ground. I believe in the nature of time, not the man made concept of time (I.E.: Watches, clocks). Without time, nothing would know what to do, when to do it, how, and where. The sun wouldn't know to be born, burn and die. A tree wouldn't know to grow, and life in general wouldn't know to exist at all. And without time, we wouldn't have gravity, because time is what controls gravity, holding everything in it's place and in it's orbit. (Think about things such as Hailey's Comet coming around like clock work, no pun intended). Yes, I think the time is infinite. Maybe we are here now, because we have been here an infinite amount of times in "the now". Maybe our universe has been born, destroyed, and born again an infinite amount of times. Think about how many times we have sat here having this discussion beforehand, it is possible. Maybe we have lived the same lives we do now an infinite amount of times before this and will continue to for an infinite amount of times afterwords. I believe that time is the only true absolute in the universe that was not created, but just simply exists. There will never be a true answer as to how or why it does, because we limit ourselves to the Laws of Physics. But, there are far greater powers out there that twist Physics like it is a toy. I'm not talking about religion here, I'm just talking about powers that we have yet to discover unless we step outside our "comfort zone".

  4. if something could come from nothing then that something would have to be destroyed to nothing to reach its former state. is it possible that time actually did come from something since it hasnt destroyed itself?

  5. Life is and always has been made up of simple parts: Energy, Nature, Time, & Space. The ONLY consistent entity in this equation is TIME. It Was; It Is; It Always Will Be. Energy Fluctuates, Nature and Space both grow and shrink but are finite in some aspects and contain many of the physical properties which beings such as us rely heavily upon. Time is measured by our conceptulizations of what we percieve in the universe as the circle of life: Beginning, Middle, End, Repeat; However even a circle can be broken (Cut off by another COL or just changed by random/unexpected occurrences) but Time Cannot Because It Just Is Even If We Didn't Exist It Would Remain.

  6. Looking back to the BigBang theory, is that just a theory, time come from there or what?
    my question is:
    1/ where's the original time come from?
    2/ the moving of universal if effect time space?
    3/ time vs god, which one have first? and which one effect the other?