Jun 17, 2008

A Closer Look At The New Barack Obama Photo & More Allegations That Obama Practiced Islam As A Child Come Out

The photo accompanying this article is a closer view of the picture we posted yesterday. It is from 1985, and it shows Barack Obama at about 24 years of age with his half-brother Malik. In the picture Obama is wearing traditional Islamic clothing.

This shocking new picture comes out at a time when the debate about whether Barack Obama was ever a Muslim is about ready to explode.

Former law professor and author Andy Martin, the author of the new book "Obama: The Man Behind the Mask", is absolutely adamant that Obama is lying about his past, and he says that he can prove it in a court of law:

"I challenge Senator Obama to sue me for defamation if he truly wants to perpetuate the myth that he had no ties to the Muslim religion. I will waive all of the traditional First Amendment defenses ("Public figure," "actual malice," etc.) and will interpose only one defense in support of my claims: truth".

You can read more about Andy Martin's extraordinary claims regarding Obama in this article.

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