Jun 5, 2008

Florida Man Invents A Car That Runs On Water - Will This Be The Solution To High Gas Prices?

A Florida man has invented a car that runs almost ENTIRELY on water.

If this ends up panning out, it could completely change our dependence on foreign oil.

Amazingly he claims "I get 100 miles to the ounce on water", and he says that he is using only a very, very small amount of gasoline to supplement the water he uses to power his car.

Now will this pan out? Will this invention be purchased and supressed like so many others have?

One of the most exciting parts is that he says the money he makes from this will go towards supporting the work of the Lord.

So is this real? The mainstream news is reporting on it, so there must be at least something to it.

Here is a small portion of the source article:



The way things run it seems like to do anything you need the right fuel to get going. Many of us feel that pressure at the pump, but maybe not forever.

"I get 100 miles to the ounce on water," says Anthony Brown while talking about his work in progress. "I can run any water, distilled water, drinking water, tap water,"

Brown says he's close to having the answer. He's fixed his car to run on mostly water.

"Right now it's using a little bit of gas. If anything it's getting a fuel vapor. I've got the fuel injection system shut down," says Brown.

(The article continues at the link above)

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