Jun 9, 2008

Food Riots!: The World Famine Gathers Momentum

Tonight, over one BILLION people will go to bed without sufficient food.

Tonight, the food supplies of the world are at their lowest point in 50 years.

Yet most Americans are completely oblivious to the mounting food crisis that is getting out of control in many areas of the world.

Hopefully the following three articles will give many of us a better grasp on what REALLY is going on out there:

Thousands of starving citizens clash with police in Egypt over flour rations.

A North Korean father killed his starving family and then took his own life in despair over the lack of food.

Looted shops burn in Haiti as the food crisis there escalates out of control.

Most Americans think that it could never happen here.

Most Americans think that we will always have plenty of food.

Most Americans are wrong.

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