Jun 17, 2008

Midwest Floods Devastate The Farms Of America's Breadbasket As The Global Food Crisis Deepens

The New York Times had an excellent article on the Midwest floods and how they are playing havoc with America's breadbasket at a time when the world food crisis is getting worse by the day.

The article contains these stunning statements by one Iowa farmer:

“In the lean years, we had beautiful crops but they weren’t worth much,” Mr. Timmerman said, surveying his farm, which his family has tended since his great-great-grandfather. “Now, with commodity prices sky high, mother nature is throwing us all these curve balls. I’m 42 years old and these are by far the poorest crops I’ve ever seen.”

These floods seem to be coming at the worst possible time. Food riots have been popping up in the poorest countries of the world, and commodity prices are flying through the roof. One billion people in the world do not have enough food right now.

What is going to happen if these floods continue and things get worse?

One thought to ponder: Right now as you read this, the strategic reserve of the United States has only enough wheat to give everyone in American a half a loaf of bread. What will happen if the stores start running out of food?

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