Jun 3, 2008

The New World Order Now Being Promoted By U2? - Bono Calls For A United States Of Africa

As if there weren't enough people promoting world unification, now U2 has jumped into the fray.

Bono, the lead singer of U2, has now called for a "United States of Africa".

Bono believes that by uniting Africa in one unit, that those nations would be better able to address the problems that are facing that continent.

It sounds great in theory.

However, what Bono does not know is that there will be a world government someday, and that government will ultimately be ruled by one known as the Antichrist.

Here is a portion of the source article:


Pop star and activist Bono has called for the creation of a United States of Africa, saying that a pan-continental identity would serve as a catalyst for resolving its conflicts.

The U2 frontman, who was in Japan to take part in a major development conference last week, said that a United States of Africa "would be the dream" in the long term.

"I think a kind of broader African identity is going to be very important to deal with tribal tensions," Bono told Tuesday's Asahi Shimbun, where he served as a guest-editor for a special Africa edition on Saturday.

The rest of the source article is here:



  1. Bono is an intelligent man, well read in literature,music, history and philosophy, even economics. He understands modern politics and international finance, he interacts with the most powerfull people on earth on a daily basis. He is also a Christian with deep understanding of the message of salvation through Christ alone. I cannot agree that he has never heard of, or evaluated modern conspiracy theories. The question is what he makes of it, who is he playing for - knowingly or by ignorance. He is surely helping the NWO cause by professing human rights and equality, and caling for unity. But that is not wrong according to the Bible, but renouncing Christ and his divinity is. He is becomming a stringer and stronger force in the faith world and the pressure is all for unity and peace - It would be interesting to know his views on Biblical prophecy, especially his opinion on the Roman Catholic connection theories.

  2. The new world order is an evil entity, through the sheer fact that it's being brought about by the evil, sociopathic, war mongering ruling elite that have their fingers in every power centre in the world. A group that would kill thousands of people just to initiate a war under false pretext is evil. Yes 911 is proven logically and scientifically to be an inside job. They orchestrated the Credit Crisis as they did the great depression, to net themselves trillions, and weaken the global economy creating less resistance to the NWO. They've been intentionally poisoning us for decades with floride, msg, phenylketonurics (aspartame).They do this to weaken nations and create a sick, weak, drug-dependent population, that'll desperately accept a one world govt promising help. They released the obviously lab-made swine flu, hendra virus, created drug resistant measles and malaria and probably AIDS. The mass swine flu vaccinations are intended to spread the virus rapidly, speeding up the occurrence of successive more virulent strains. This way they can speed up their plans to pass laws of quarantine and internment and eventually martial law.
    They hire thugs to murder and assault to spread fear and enable the govt to pass laws against us. The bikie attack at the Sydney airport was arranged by the govt to pass laws against dissident groups that might threaten the NWO. They wage a war on drugs in Western nations in order to pass laws of search and detain against the population.

    Bono, whether he knows it or not is on the side of evil.

  3. There are two things off the top of my head I will ask God face to face. One is, why did you allow bono to even exist? The second is, why did you allow bono to exist even in concept?


  5. Unity itself is not inherently evil. There was a time when all of the people of the world were in fact united. So clearly, being united, or together is not the issue.

    The issue is they were excluding God. We cannot be distracted from what the real problem is, and allow superficial fear-mongering to make it sound like "unity" is the problem. It isn't, and will never be.

    Even maintaining world-wide dis-unity will not keep us any closer to the truth. So either way, you're missing the mark. True unity will always be in Jesus Christ.

    Unity in Christ should have every non-Christian trembling, because that is closer to a true sign of the end times. Not the NWO.

    God bless, Richie

  6. I was on U2 concert in Croatia... All I can say, that the performance was filled with wrong political messages, he is definitely on a NWO paylist. Besides, his opinion about copyrights is so wrong. He is not good man, that's what I think. He lost his soul, but I understand that financially, there are no limits for him. He spends as much as he wants... And talking about global peace and unity. Bullshit. I hate him.