Jul 17, 2008

At The Oscars This Year, An Academy Award Winning Film Exposed America's National Shame: We Savagely And Mercilessly Torture Our Prisoners

Have you seen Taxi To The Dark Side?

At the Oscars this year, an Academy Award winning film exposed America's national shame: We savagely and mercilessly torture our prisoners.

The trailer for the film is posted below, and it documents the horrific torture that America inflicts on the people it holds prisoner.

It is a national disgrace.

We beat our prisoners bloody.

We put hoods on them and chain them up naked and let the attack dogs at them.

We put electrodes on the most sensitive parts of their bodies.

We inject them with all manner of poisons and mind-altering drugs.

We bring them to the edge of drowning.

We even torture children in front of their parents.

We defile the culture of our prisoners to a degree that is almost unimaginable.

America needs to repent!

We all need to repent for the wicked things we have done.

How can America call itself the "good guys" anymore?

Just watch the trailer:

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