Jul 25, 2008

The Harry Potter Series Of Books & Movies - Introducing Our Children To Sorcery, Spells, Curses, Black Magic, Demon Possession, Witchcraft & Satanism

The Harry Potter series of books and movies has touched more children around the world over the past ten years than almost any other phenomenon. More than at any other time in history, children have an abundance of occult resources easily available to them, and books and movies such as Harry Potter are recruiting them into the world of the occult in staggering numbers.

The film posted below shows that Harry Potter is not simply a fun fantasy diversion for our children, but rather that Harry Potter portrays witchcraft and the occult with stunning accuracy, and it is aggressively recruiting our children into the world of darkness.

You will truly be stunned as you come to understand the Satanic elements that have been purposely interwoven into the Harry Potter saga, and your breath will be taken away when you hear of the impact that the Harry Potter series has had on children.....in the words of the children themselves.

Please feel free to share the video below with as many people as possible. It is of particular importance that as many young people as possible be exposed to this information:

Also, I would encourage all parents to visit this site which exposes the true agenda of the Harry Potter series:



  1. So, do you also believe the Grimm Fairytales to be more than just a story? So sensitive and so xenophobic.

  2. In the 1600's the technology used to post this tread would have been considered witch craft.

    The Jesuits were people doin' work of the Devil in the name of Christ.

    I'm a Christian, and I fallow the teachings of Jesus, I wish other Christian would do the same. An example, Jesus turned water into wine, so people could celebrate and have a good time. People, STOP the oppression!!!

  3. Potter is not even a proper subset of the the Chronicles of Narnia.Its a classic of the bygone days.. and its available on the net for free.It does not have occult or magic and its much better than Harry Potter,though it is less known since it belonged to the last century.Rowling has borrowed a lot from Narnia by CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien.

  4. wow everything is so funny coz u have everything so wrong

    u have said the same thing about every movie n programe every made that has witches n magic in

    n i bet u that when a new cool movie comes out that is better that harry potter they would want 2 live in that movie n if 1 does not then they will get board with it n find something else
    children get board very quicly

    has ur child not wanted a new toy coz it was the latest thing that every1 had then 4got about it what a new 1 came out
    well gess what it is the same with movies
    they might be all in it now but latter when there is something better comes out they would not care about harry potter
    it is not a life long thing it is a child just being with the latest thing with their friends nothing more nothing less