Jul 27, 2008

The Incredible Courage Of Some Christian Sudanese Boys

The following is a stunning story of the courage of some Christian Sudanese boys that was first shared by The Voice Of The Martyrs:

"Say it with us," the soldiers screamed, kicking and punching the boys' faces and abdomens. "Allah is God, and Mohammed is his prophet. Say it!"

The four young Sudanese boys cried and screamed out for their mothers but they refused to repeat the words that would mean saving their lives yet renouncing their Christianity. Their red blood began to flow across their black skin, but they would not give up their faith in Christ.

The older teenage boys looked on in horror. They had seen this Southern Sudanese families murdered by sword-wielding Islamic fighters. Now they watched as their four young friends and relatives--the youngest only five years old--were beaten to death.

Already the soldiers had forced each older boy to lie over hot coals and ordered them to repeat the Muslim creed and join the Islamic faith. None of the boys would say the words despite the excruciating pain.

There were fourteen boys and thirteen girls abducted in the raid that day. The girls have never been located and were likely sold as slaves or concubines in Northern Sudan. All of the boys were tortured, but none relented.

The next night the older boys escaped, still bearing the scars of the previous nights. Not one renounced his faith.

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