Jul 2, 2008

Mithra: Another Pagan "God" That Acharya S & Zeitgest Have Been Pushing As A Source For The Stories About Jesus

Another of the main "gods" that Acharya S and Zeitgeist have been pushing as a source for the stories about Jesus is Mithra.

Now, Acharya S is a self-proclaimed "high priestess" of her own religion, and most scholars laugh at the incredibly flawed scholarship that is found in the movie "Zeitgeist", but a lot of people on the internet are watching that film, and therefore it is important for us to address these issues.

During the Roman era, Mithraism was perhaps Christianity's leading competitor for the hearts and minds of the Roman world. It was an ancient mystery religion that began in the middle East, and Acharya S and "Zeitgeist" believe that there are over a dozen things that Jesus supposedly has in common with Mithras.

Our friends over at tektonics.org have done a complete and thorough job of totally debunking these "parallels". After reading the following article, you will realize just how ridiculous and fraudulent Acharya S and "Zeitgeist" really are:


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