Jul 15, 2008

A New Earth: The New Age Church Of Oprah Winfrey And Eckhart Tolle That Teaches A Gospel That Denies Jesus The Messiah

Do you know about the New Age gospel that Oprah Winfrey has been teaching on her television show?

Do you know what she has been saying about Jesus, the Bible and Christianity?

Do you know about the new "guru" she has been promoting?

Do you know how the teachings of Eckhart Tolle directly contradict the Bible?

Posted below is the most in depth, most shocking and most revealing film about what Oprah Winfrey REALLY believes and how it directly contradicts the Bible.

You will never view Oprah Winfrey the same way again after watching this video:

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  1. you are wrong Oprah. Jesus is the only way to heaven