Jul 10, 2008

The Truth About The Pagan Origins & Pagan Practices Of Halloween - Child Sacrifice, Animal Abuse And Satan Worship - Christians Avoid This Abomination

Nobody should celebrate the wicked pagan holiday of "Halloween".

We hope most of you have researched the wicked origins of this holiday by now.

Some of you think it is harmless, but the reality is that this is the most important day of the year for most Satanists and most people who are into the occult.

We personally know a minister who delivered a woman out of the occult who was involved in the most wicked things imaginable each year on Halloween.

Each year she would get pregnant after Halloween so that she could have a new baby before Halloween so her and her coven would have a baby to sacrifice on Halloween each year.

This is not a joke.

This is real.

And it is happening in America every year.

It is time to learn the shocking truth about Halloween:

-An Ex-Satanist talks about Halloween


-Halloween a celebration of death


-A real testimony about what happens to children on Halloween


-The Satanic Calendar


-The Dark Side of Halloween


The good news out of all this is that if you are trapped in the occult that you can be set free by the power of the Lord Jesus Christ:


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1 comment:

  1. You do an excellent job of backing up your viewpoint with history and facts. As far as the satanic connections, I agree that Halloween can certainly be seen as an event to avoid.

    I have a couple of arguments, though.

    First of all, most of the pagan origins, while decidedly not Christian, are also generally non-violent celebrations of Mother Earth and nature itself. While this may not follow your Christian beliefs, you certainly don't want to get pagan rituals tangled up with satanic rituals. For the most part, the two are like night and day.

    My second argument is that the modern Halloween celebration - for most Westerners, anyway - is very, very far removed from the origins of the holiday. Americanized Halloween is about dressing up and getting candy - all for fun. Do you think that by celebrating that "version" of the holiday that you are somehow implicitly giving your approval to all the other ways people might be celebrating on that day?

    I can certainly understand where you are coming from and I respect you sticking by your principles. However, I think that a bit of education (for kids especially) can make it clear that there are many different ways to celebrate Halloween. As long as that is understood, do you really think it's dangerous to dress up as a princess and grab a free sugar high once a year?

    As I said, I respect your principles and I'm not attacking your beliefs at all. Just starting a conversation. =)