Aug 25, 2008

The Daily Buzz - Blasphemous Madonna Makes New Headlines By Comparing McCain To Hitler

-Pop "star" Madonna, who once performed part of a live concert suspended on a cross, has made new headlines by comparing John McCain to Hitler.

-The son of one of the most influential leaders of Hamas, the Palestinian Muslim terrorist group, has renounced his religion and has become an evangelical Christian.

-A source in one of Russia's security organizations is claiming that Georgia planned the military operation against South Ossetia a year in advance.

-Russia is warning Moldova against making a "Georgian mistake".

-The Deputy Chief of the Russian General Staff, Colonel General Anatoly Nogovitsyn, told a media briefing in Moscow on Monday that Russia has new information that Georgia is planning an attack on Abkhazia to seize the capital city of Sukhumi.

-Meanwhile, the U.S. military is considering taking military action in Pakistan.

-Lastly, in another sign of how bad things are getting, the Amerian auto industry is seeking 50 BILLION dollars in loans from the federal government.

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