Aug 13, 2008

The Daily Buzz - One Down - One To Go.....

-Devvy Kidd has a great article out today entitled: "NATIONAL ENQUIRER: ONE DOWN (EDWARDS), ONE TO GO (OBAMA)".

-Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili was insane to sneak attack Tskhinvali the night of August 7-8, an unnamed senior French official said.

-A dangerous new bird flu strain has been detected in Nigeria.

-Evangelist Todd Bentley has filed for separation from his wife.

-Religious authorities in Nepal are searching for a girl who could be as young as 3 or 4 to serve as the new "Kumari", or the virgin "living goddess".

-U.S. Cities would be locked down and quarantined under a new pandemic flu response plan.

-Many civilians perished when Georgian troops torched a church.

-Obama is lying again? Barack Obama has been caught in a clear lie about his abortion record.

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