Aug 4, 2008

Have You Received Jesus Into Your Life As Your Lord And Savior?

A while back we posted an article that talked about how when a person becomes a Christian, that person's life may become MORE DIFFICULT than it was before:

But should that scare anyone away from Christianity?

Not at all.

One of the very best evidences for the Christian faith (and one that skeptics really have no answer for) is the amazing life changing power of the gospel of Jesus the Messiah. In many ways when you become a Christian you will face a lot of new challenges, but the benefits of being a Christian FAR outweigh the costs.

Personally, I will tell you all that Jesus the Messiah has made dramatic changes in my life.

I have been a Christian for many years, but some of the most amazing changes in my life have been during these past few years.

I love being a follower of Jesus.

I do not have to worry about anything.

I do not have to fear anything.

I am not addicted to anything.

God provides all of my needs.

I have prayers answered constantly.

I have many wonderful friends who love me and truly care about me.

The King of the Universe watches out for me and directs my life.

I have a life with more love, passion and purpose than most people could even imagine.

AND I have the ultimate happy ending.....I will spend eternity with my God in an incredible paradise designed by the ruler of the universe.

Now please do not think I am bragging. I do not deserve any of this. I am a sinful man who was saved by Jesus the one true Messiah. All of the glory and the credit goes to him. None to me. A man clinging to a life preserver doesn't have anything to brag about. Without the Lord God I would have no hope at all.

I am being made into a better person every single day by the overwhelming power of the Holy Spirit.

Do you want a life that is exploding with joy and love and peace and passion and purpose?

I invite you to ask Jesus the one true Messiah to come into your life to forgive your sins and give you eternal life forever.

The following is a great resource for those who would like to learn more about becoming a Christian:

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