Aug 6, 2008

What Do Barack Obama And The Montauk Monster Have In Common?

What do Barack Obama and the "Montauk Monster" have in common?

Neither one of them has a legitimate birth certificate.

A shadowy document expert named "Techdude" has found the original text on the alleged Barack Obama birth certificate, and has proven conclusively that it is a fraud:

Other tech experts have picked up on Techdude's work and have found that the original name on Barack Obama's fake birth certificate is "Maya Kassandra Soetoro", Barack Obama's half sister. A careful examination of the high resolution image originally posted on the Daily Kos blog and subsequently claimed as authentic by Barack Obama's campaign has led two analysts to both come to the same conclusion. Working independently, they have been able to clearly discern the name of "Maya Kassandra Soetoro" from "artifacts" left behind during the process of forging Obama's fake birth certificate:

There is speculation that Obama may have actually been born in Kenya or in Canada.

But we will never really know until Obama produces his real birth certificate, now will we?

As for the "Montauk Monster" pictured above, does anyone out there know what in the world this thing is?

Apparently it is quite REAL, but nobody knows what in the world it is:

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