Sep 3, 2008

10 Reasons The Death Of Unlimited Internet Usage Is Coming

Are we close to the end of the free unlimited internet era? Are fundamental changes to our beloved internet on the horizon? Unfortunately the answer is very clearly yes, and the following are ten reasons why this is so:

#1) Once one or two large providers get away with putting a cap on internet use all of the other providers will follow very quickly. Now that Comcast has announced a hard cap on internet use, it is only a matter of time until more providers follow suit.

#2) Bandwidth is expensive. With the explosion of online gaming and the massive increase of internet users downloading video and music files, there has been a huge increase in the average bandwidth utilized by an internet user. Bandwidth costs money, and those costs have to be passed on to the consumer somehow.

#3) There has never been a greater information tool than the internet. The free flow of information that has resulted has given a lot of power to the people of the world. Many governments around the world, including the Western establishment, do not like this at all. Increased censorship and other types of "internet reform" will be introduced in order to curtail our freedom of speech to a more acceptable level.

#4) Greed. Every single day health insurance companies deny healthcare to sick people in the U.S. and they make billions of dollars doing it. Why? Because they can. Now that we have all become addicted to the internet do you think internet providers will not get greedy?

#5) This is all part of the plan to transition us over to Internet 2:

#6) Canada's new internet subscription model appeals to a lot of powerful interests. What some internet providers in Canada are getting ready to do is to provide internet service on a subscription model similar to how cable television service is provided. In other words, your "package" will include 300 or 400 of the top websites, and if you want more you will have to pay for it:

#7) Up until now, the internet has largely avoided taxation. However, with governments increasingly looking at shortfalls, it is only a matter of time before some politicians look at the internet as a great source of tax revenue.

#8) The world is heading for incredibly difficult economic times, and when the economy crashes you won't get anything "for free". If you doubt that the economy is headed for a crash then you need to read this article:

#9) Giant media companies are tired of giving away their media for free. Huge newspapers are going broke, movie companies are losing revenue, news organizations have lost control over the flow of information and the "small guy" is finding a way to carve out a bigger piece of the pie. Giant media organizations want their power and control back.

#10) Most people in modern society are sheep, and they will pay whatever someone tells them to pay.

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