Sep 17, 2008

The Daily Buzz - The Federal Reserve's $85 Billion Rescue Of AIG That Gives The Government 80% Ownership In The Nation's Largest Insurance Company

-Acting to avoid a potential financial crisis worldwide, the U.S. Federal Reserve Board has agreed to an $85 billion bailout that will give the U.S. government an ownership stake in the troubled insurance giant American International Group.

-A pro life organization is running a new ad that features a late-term abortion survivor against democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.

-Astronomers are completely puzzled by a mysterious light in the sky.

-You have got to see these before and after photos of what Hurricane Ike did.

-It is interesting to read what other countries think of America's death squads.

-The Feds are now looking for someone to bail out Washington Mutual. It seems as though every day another financial institution is failing.

-There is a new article that explains that Vitamin D is really good for you.

-A college professor has given his students an assignment to undermine Sarah Palin.

-Lastly, an Australian company has been licensed to clone human embryos and to experiment on them.

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