Sep 11, 2008

Daily Buzz - Iran's New Law That Says If A Muslim Becomes A Christian That Person Must DIE

-Iran's parliament has passed a new law which makes it illegal for a Muslim to become a Christian, and that any Muslim that does become a Christian must die.

-The Bank of England is warning that tens of thousands of people could be laid off every week in the run up to Christmas as the U.K. economy falls into a recession.

-The lawsuit regarding Barack Obama's birth certificate is still alive and well.

-Warren Buffett's latest actions show that he has no confidence any more in the American banking system.

-White women are deserting Barack Obama rapidly as John McCain takes the lead in the latest polls.

-Opec plans closer ties with Russia in an effort to control half of the world’s oil supplies.

-There is yet another sex scandal in the U.S. government.

-Lastly, 300,000 have been evacuated from Texas as Hurricane Ike looms.

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