Oct 27, 2008

The Daily Buzz - American Military Helicopters Go Over The Syrian Border To Attack Terrorists

-American military helicopters have attacked terrorists 6 miles INSIDE the Syrian border. Are we trying to start another war?

-Hawaii's Governor Linda Lingle has put Barack Obama's birth certificate under seal and has instructed the Hawaii's Department of Health to make sure that nobody in the press gets access to the original document under any circumstances. What are they trying so hard to hide?

-Did you know that the government of Peru goes door to door pressuring women to be sterilized? Did you know that it is paid for with your tax dollars?

-A B.C. man paralyzed after taking the flu shot warns of the risks of getting vaccinated.

-So far Barack Obama has steadfastly refused to answer Philip Berg's birth certificate lawsuit.

-Check out what they are thinking of doing to our soliders.

-It appears that the Republican party has realized that it will lose the presidential race and is now turning their efforts towards saving some of their seats in congress.

-Christians in Iraq: "We are killed because we are Christians"

-John McCain is reportedly losing his temper with his defeatist aides.

-Gordon Brown and other European leaders have drawn up plans to "speed up" the introduction of GM crops to their nations. How stupid can they possibly be?

-Lastly, the Treasury Department is considering buying stakes in large insurance companies as an extension of its $700 billion rescue program. Is there anyone who isn't getting a bailout?

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