Oct 15, 2008

The Daily Buzz - First Graders Take A Field Trip To A Gay Wedding

-Our public schools never cease to amaze us - recently a class of first graders in California took a field trip to a gay wedding.

-A man who claims to have a human mother and a space alien father is said to be working miracles in Israel. Didn't Jesus warn us that false christs would arise?

-The effort to halt the financial crisis has cost the governments of the world trillions of dollars.

-The government may guarantee $2 trillion for U.S. banks so that they will start lending to each other again. Where is all of this money coming from?

-Jesse Jackson says that Obama will rid the U.S. government of Israeli influence.

-The mainstream media is starting to cover the lawsuit that seeks to force Barack Obama to prove his citizenship.

-A Republican couple recently had a 2,300 dollar donation to Barack Obama show up on their credit card bill.

-Lastly, Ecuador is moving to the left - just like the rest of Central and South America is.

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