Oct 5, 2008

The Daily Buzz - Joe Biden Cancels Events Due To Family Illness - Could This Clear The Way For Hillary?

-Joe Biden has cancelled his weekend events due to an illness in his family. There is some speculation among analysts that this might be the beginning of an excuse for Biden to step down and Hillary to step in.

-As George W. Bush's presidency winds down, he has left a 10,000,000,000,000 dollar debt as a legacy.

-Have our financial chickens come home to roost?

-Does China have a secret plan to destroy America?

-Pravda has some very interesting things to say about Sarah Palin.

-The U.S. is shocked by an increasing epidemic of abandoned children.

-Human to human bird flu transmission in Pakistan has been confirmed.

-Is the Federal Reserve the greatest scam in history?

-Lastly, there is a lot of talk this weekend about how John McCain's chief of staff is gay.

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