Oct 3, 2008

The Daily Buzz - A Judge Orders Barack Obama To Produce His Real Birth Certificate

-In a stunning development, a judge has ordered Barack Obama to produce his real birth certificate.

-If Americans Are AntiWar Why Are Our Candidates Warmongers?

-Over 15,000 people showed up to protest anti-Christian violence in India.

-Meanwhile, an Indian archbishop claims that 100 Christians are on a Hindu "hitlist".

-The $700 billion Wall Street bailout package has become an $850 billion Wall Street bailout package.

-Do you know the story of the man who saved the United States from nuclear destruction?

-Bill Gates has invested $26 Million in a homosexual publishing company.

-Lastly, California has approved nurse-assisted suicide. Governor Schwarzenegger signed the bill which authorizes dehydration and starvation of patients.

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