Oct 19, 2008

The Daily Buzz - The Love And Adoration Of Barack Obama Has Reached A Fever Pitch - But Has It Gone Over The Line?

-Is the worship and adoration of Barack Obama becoming too extreme?

-The sun's protective bubble is shrinking - that doesn't sound good.

-In the U.K., human tissue will be secretly taken from ill patients without their consent and used to create human-animal chimeras - what is this world coming to?

-You won't believe this - now women in some Muslim areas of the world are being told that they can only show ONE eye.

-The Washington Times is calling palm scans the next step in making sure IDs are secure.

-Russia has upgraded their strategic nukes - this is something to keep an eye on.

-Linens 'n Things is closing all of their remaining stores.

-Ron Paul says this about the Wall Street bailout: "It's an immoral system. You're asking the poor people to bail out the rich."

-A new lawsuit in Hawaii is seeking the disclosure of Barack Obama's birth certificate - do you ever think that we will actually get to see this thing?

-Finally, in some good news, African Christians are strategizing how to fulfill the Great Commission while most American churches are busy taking a nap.

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