Oct 29, 2008

The Daily Buzz - An October Snow In London For The First Time In Over 70 Years

-London has an October snow for the first time in over 70 years. What happened to global warming?

-The National Automobile Dealers Association estimates that 700 new-car dealerships will close this year. That doesn't sound good.

-Apparently Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are big admirers of a radical leftist who once dedicated a book to Lucifer. Sadly, this is not a joke.

-Residents in the U.K. are starting to become frightened by their growing "Big Brother" police state which is even more advanced than the one growing in the United States.

-Are school textbooks actively promoting Islam to the schoolchildren of America?

-The Jerusalem Post has an excellent article that examines Barack Obama's unsavory ties.

-Will the question of Barack Obama's citizenship be settled before the election?

-The newest country on the brink of financial collapse is Ukraine.

-Truth about aspartame comes out on an ABC affiliate?

-A leading Scottish clergyman is using the word "Nazi" to describe the U.K.'s new "Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill".

-The U.S. Embassy in Syria says that it could close.

-Is Europe on the brink of a currency crisis meltdown?

-The White House is ordering banks to resume lending. Time to make more speculative loans to people who can't qualify for them?

-Lastly, did an Obama donor order the state investigation of Joe the Plumber? I'll bet Joe the Plummer wishes he had never met Obama now.

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