Oct 21, 2008

The Daily Buzz - U.S. Intelligence Says That Iran Will Be Able To Build A Nuke In February

-U.S. intelligence is now claiming that Iran will be able to build a nuclear bomb by February 2009.

-Barack Obama now leads John McCain by 10 points among registered voters in a new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll.

-Sarah Palin says that her faith and her God have been mocked in this election.

-Barack Obama has assembled an army of attorneys for this election.

-The rise in the number of homeless in America is being called "alarming" by authorities.

-Hard times have some Americans flirting with survivalism.

-Have you ever heard of "Project 80s"? It apparently was the CFR's plan for the "controlled disintegration" of the economy.

-Newly released U.K. UFO files reveal an alleged attempt to shoot down a UFO.

-When America's power elite plays it is not a pretty picture.

-Depleted Uranium - Iraq's nuclear nightmare that never ends.

-Lastly, Barack Obama is leaving his campaign to visit his sick grandmother in Hawaii - could this have something to do with the controversy over his birth certificate?

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