Oct 28, 2008

The Daily Buzz - Would You Eat A Genetically Modified Purple Tomato?

-Now British scientists have created a gigantic purple genetically modified "super tomato" that can "fight cancer".....

-More evidence for the Bible? Archaeologists believe that they have uncovered one of the lost mines of King Solomon.

-An anti-Obama plot has been foiled by authorities.

-A new study reveals that teenagers are less intelligent than a generation ago.

-American computer game designer Richard Garriott is back from the international space station. Garriott carryied the digitized DNA sequences of some of the world's most famous minds to the station, and he participated in unspecified "experiments".....

-As the election draws near, conservatives are intensifying their attacks on Barack Obama.

-Another UFO has been spotted over Stephenville, Texas.

-Evidence has been found of a solar system around a nearby star.

-Do you think the invisible man is just science fiction? Think again. The science of invisibility has taken a "giant leap forward"....

-Palestinians who live in Gaza are actually calling American homes to try to convince American voters to support Hamas' preferred presidential candidate, Barack Obama.

-There is now strong evidence that the Obama campaign engaged in massive vote fraud throughout the primary season.

-The owner of the Miami Dolphins wants to sell the team before Obama raises taxes.

-Is the L.A. Times suppressing a tape of Barack Obama toasting a radical Islamic terrorist?

-The economic downturn has devastated public pension funds.

-It has been found that migratory birds are carrying the bird flu from Asia to North America.

-Fluoride is now being added to children's milk in areas of the U.K.

-Will the surge of new voters coming out to elect Obama have an impact on the gay marriage resolution in California?

-Lastly, Gordon Brown is calling for a "global" bailout fund as Iceland hikes interest rates by SIX percent.

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