Oct 6, 2008

The Web Bot Project Predicts 10/7/08 Will Be Worse Than 9/11

Did you know that the Web Bot Project (that was featured on the History Channel) predicts that tomorrow (10/7/08) will be worse than 9/11/01?

September 22nd to the 27th, 2008 were predicted by the Web Bot Project as precursor dates to the main catastrophic event that will unfold on 10/7/08.

A little history is in order here. Who or what is the Web Bot Project and why should we care?

Well, since its origination in the late 1990’s, the Web Bot Project has made a series of very accurate predictions regarding current events. Originally designed to track and predict stock market trends, the Web Bot Project uses a system of spiders that crawl the Internet looking for patterns of behavior, trends and chatter pertaining to upcoming events. The idea is that the Web Bot is believed to be able to forecast future events by tapping into the collective unconscious of society.

Probably the most publicized prediction by the Web Bot Project that came true was 9/11. In June 2001, the Web Bot Project correctly predicted that a life altering event would take place within the next 60-90 days. This prediction by Web Bot was based on "web chatter" and regrettably, this prediction proved accurate.

The Web Bot has accurately predicted a number of other natural and man made disasters such as:

-the 2001 anthrax attack on Washington DC
-the East Coast power outage in 2003
-the earthquake which resulted in the December 26, 2004 tsunami
-hurricane Katrina and the events that followed

The Web Bot also warns of a global cataclysmic event expected to take place in late December 2012.

But for now, Web Bot is warning that October 7, 2008 until February 19, 2008 will be a time filled with unusual emotional intensity.

Now, keep in mind that the Web Bot is just data from a bunch of computers.

It is not a prophet.

It is not a seer.

So let us hope nothing happens tomorrow.

But it may be prudent to heed the advice of CNBC's Jim Kramer who this morning on the Today show told all Americans to take their money out of the stock market NOW:

You can find daily updates about the Web Bot Project at this site:



  1. What was "accurately" supposed to happen on October 7th, 2008? Oh wait! That day was special to me! 10/07/1979, my second son was born! It was his birthday. There are only 2 real accuracies that can be predicted and here they are "death" and "God" Nostradamus writings were deciphered accurate back in 1982, we were supposed to end the world back then, too with WWIII. People are such sheep to believe all this mumbo jumbo. These"accuracies" that everyone says the world will end on 12/21/2012, come on, wake up! Every 10 to 20 years a new "end of times" is predicted and as they said all the time, it is with accuracies. These predictions, are always "accurate" Its mans interpretations of what was written in other cultures timing. See y'all on Dec 23th, 2012!

  2. Well, the collapse of stock markets in the world happened around that time, so that the web bot assert again.

    with respect to 2012, said that nowhere is the end of the world, on the contrary say that all prophecy will come a great change, which after many disasters will come a new era, as the end of the world is just propaganda . besides the world is going to turn with or without a human inside