Nov 23, 2008

The Daily Buzz - Michael Jackson Becomes A Muslim And Changes His Name To "Mikaeel"

-This is not a joke: Michael Jackson has reportedly become a Muslim and changed his name to "Mikaeel".

-A U.S.-Canada military plan could actually place troops in each other’s country.

-Pravda reports that it is an open secret that U.S. servicemen are taking pills against fear during military actions in Iraq.

-Have you heard about the new police car that scans license plates and sniffs out bombs?

-Apparently you will soon need the permission of the government to travel almost anywhere.

-The police state has even reached into Morocco? Morocco has issued the millionth biometric contactless national identity card since they began their new program.

-Media bias was worse in the 2008 election than in any other national campaign in recent history, Time magazine's Mark Halperin said at a conference on Friday.

-President-elect Barack Obama said on Saturday that he would pursue a far more ambitious plan of spending and tax cuts than anything he outlined on the campaign trail. Is anyone actually surprised? Where will all of this money come from?

-A new report by the Agriculture Department reveals that nearly one out of every eight Americans struggled to feed themselves adequately in 2007.

-General Motors plans to invest $1 Billion in Brazil, and the money for this is to come from the big bailout the U.S. government is supposed to give G.M.

-Israel is fearing that the U.S. will now do nothing while Iran goes nuclear.

-Obama has brought even more insiders into his administration.

-Germany has decided that they are not going to try to ban Scientology after all.

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