Nov 18, 2008

The Daily Buzz - Obama's Gift To America: Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton

-Hillary Clinton plans to accept the job of secretary of state offered by president-elect Barack Obama, but many residents of Obamaland are NOT happy.

-At least our teens are committed to something - a 15 year old boy collapsed and went into convulsions after playing World of Warcraft for 24 hours straight.

-A stunning investigation has found that Federal immigration officials let thousands of inmates in the nation's third-most populous county walk out of jail despite the fact that these inmates admitted that they were illegal aliens.

-Even liberals recognize that the appointment of Lawrence Summers to a post in Obama's administration would be a complete disaster.

-The ignorance of American voters is absolutely mind blowing.

-Citigroup has announced that they will be cutting 50,000 jobs. So where will these professionals work? Starbucks?

-Have you heard of the Center for American Progress? It has become a major force in American politics.

-Do some cancer drugs actually make tumors grow?

-Israel's military is claiming that Iran will have functional nuclear weapons within two years.

-Interesting article: "30 reasons for Great Depression 2 by 2011"

-Lastly, CNBC admits that the financial crisis tab is already in the trillions.

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