Nov 21, 2008

The Daily Buzz - Oil Below 50 Dollars A Barrel Is Now A Reality

-Oil has fallen below 50 dollars a barrel.

-The U.S. stock market has plunged to an 11 year low.

-The Telegraph is declaring that the deleveraging monster will only get hungrier and hungrier.

-Barack Obama's transition team is apparently exploring the idea of a swift, prepackaged bankruptcy for automakers as a possible solution to the auto industry's financial crisis.

-Some fear that a loss of GM, Ford or Chrysler would take the U.S. into another depression.

-USAToday is reporting that president-elect Barack Obama plans to officially nominate Hillary Clinton as secretary of state as early as next week.

-Don't worry - Big Brother only wants to help you.

-Files show that Maryland police spied on a variety of activist groups in the past few years.

-But can Big Brother protect himself? Experts are telling us that China's hackers are stealing U.S. defense secrets.

-Check out this interesting article: "This Is Change? 20 Hawks, Clintonites and Neocons to Watch for in Obama's White House"

-The use of nuclear weapons will grow increasingly likely by 2025, U.S. intelligence warns in a new report on global trends that forecasts a tense, unstable world plagued by war.

-Scientists are now claiming that a naturally occuring substance that can create "immortal cells" could be the key to finding a real fountain of youth.

-Here are 5 ways to avoid genetically modified organisms in your food.

-A 12 year old boy collapsed and died after spraying too much deodorant.

-NASA scientists have just discovered vast underground reservoirs of frozen water on Mars, away from its polar caps, in the latest sign that life just might be sustainable on the Red planet.

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