Nov 3, 2008

The Daily Buzz - The Transcript Of Barack Obama's Grandmother Admitting That Obama Was Born In Kenya Has Been Released

-The transcript of the phone conversation where Barack Obama's grandmother admits she was there when Obama was born in Kenya has been released.

-Newsweek declares that "The World Hopes For Its First President"

-A new Gallup poll shows that Barack Obama has the highest favorability rating of any presidential candidate in 16 years.

-Has Barack Obama thrown his poor aunt "under the bus"?

-Newsmax: "Obama-Farrakhan Ties Are Close, Ex-Farrakhan Aide Says"

-Is Barack Obama planning to "bankrupt" the coal industry?

-Barack Obama: I’ll make energy prices “skyrocket”

-The media saw a rare flash of anger from Barack Obama on Halloween night.

-A new study reveals that pregnancy rates are much higher among teenagers who watch a lot of television with sexual dialogue and behavior than among those who don't.

-Russia is blaming the U.S. for the global financial crisis.

-The failure of Freedom Bank if the 17th failure of a major U.S. bank this year.

-Citibank says that credit card defaults may hit record levels in 2009.

-CBS News: The national debt surges by more than 500 billion dollars in less than a month.

-The powers that be are warning that we need to be vaccinated "now" in anticipation of a bird flu outbreak.

-Lastly, the U.K.'s culture secretary says that they should turn old churches into gyms, cafes and multi-faith centers.

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