Nov 2, 2008

Forgiving The Man Who Paralyzed You With A Hammer

The following story is originally from The Voice Of The Martyrs.....


Demeter suffered for many years in Communist prisons. He had remained strong in spirit during his confinement, but his body was beginning to wear down. There was a certain prison warden who amused himself by beating on Demeter's spine with a hammer, which permanently paralyzed him. But Demeter's Christlike attitude never wavered, and he was eventually released from prison.

Twenty years later he heard a knock at the front door of his home. He was shocked to see the same prison warden who had so cruelly beat on his spine and paralyzed him years before standing before him. Still, Demeter did not waver in his expression of faith.

Even before Demeter could offer a greeting, the former warden said, "I realize I can never be forgiven for what I have done to you. It was too heinous. But please just listen to my words of apology and then I will leave."

Demeter paused only for a moment as he gazed with compassion and wonder at the man. He replied softly, "For twenty years I have prayed for you daily. I have waited for you. Twenty years ago, I forgave you already." If we are willing to show love and forgiveness to everyone - even those who have hurt us - then the love of Christ can conquer all.

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