Nov 24, 2008

Now That He Is Elected, Is Obama Betraying The Anti-War Community?

Now that Barack Obama has been elected, is he turning his back on the anti-war community that did so much to get him elected?

After all, Americans are overwhelmingly against the Iraq war and want our troops to be brought home as soon as possible. Americans are tired of war and they don't want to police the world and they don't want to station our troops in dozens of different countries like we are currently doing.

A CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll that was taken from August 29-31 asked the following question:

"Do you favor or oppose the U.S. war in Iraq?"

The results?

Favor the war: 35%
Oppose the war: 64%
Unsure: 1%

Americans clearly do not support the Iraq war, and in fact Americans do not want to commit troops to any endless conflicts.

That seems clear enough.

So why is Barack Obama bringing so many hawks into his administration? Rahm Emanuel (an incredibly fierce opponent of the anti-war wing of the Democratic party), Hillary Clinton, Robert Gates, and retired Marine General Jim Jones are just some of the names that have the anti-war crowd up in arms.

The American people thought once they got George W. Bush out of office all of this warmongering would be over.

But the truth is that Barack Obama and Joe Biden can't wait to commit American troops to even more places.

Yes, they fooled middle America with talk about withdrawing SOME of the troops from Iraq "eventually".

But listen to what Obama said in a speech at the Woodrow Wilson Center:

"My plan would maintain sufficient forces in the region to target al Qaeda within Iraq."

The truth is that we will have troops in Iraq throughout Obama's administration.

Plus, Obama has promised to send at least 10,000 more troops to Afghanistan.

In addition, Obama has talked about bombing and attacking Pakistan.

Obama has talked how war may be needed with Iran.

Obama has talked about how he may need to commit American troops to Sudan.

Joe Biden has mentioned several times how America should have sent troops to Lebanon.

And both Obama and Biden openly threaten Russia every chance they get.

Plus don't forget that Obama wants to add 100,000 new troops to the U.S. military.


No, Obama and Biden are warmongers just like Bush and Cheney were.

The real question is when are the American people going to get sick of this nonsense and start demanding that the politicians do what they want?

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