Nov 30, 2008

Wood On Mars - The Leaked Photo That Is Shocking The World

Someone at NASA has leaked a photo that they never should have, and now the internet is buzzing with excitement over the possible discovery of wood on Mars.

NASA had stated over and over that Mars is a dead planet with no life on it whatsoever. Will NASA be forced to backtrack on these assertions now?

This picture below is absolutely stunning:

The picture above is a closeup. Below is the wider view where you can see the object in question more in context:

You can view the original picture on a NASA server right here:

Now there are so many questions to be asked if the object really is wood. How old is the wood? Where did it come from? Is there any evidence that the wood has been crafted or shaped or been worked on in any way?

Hopefully this will be the beginning of some great discoveries and will not be covered up as so many things such as this have been in the past.


  1. Who told you it was wood? Or is that your own expert analysis?

  2. I see no reason to assume it's wood. There are rocks in my back yard that look like that.

  3. Could it possibly be a rock do you think?

  4. Fascinating that NASA would "leak" a picture their press-release website.

    Obviously NASA folks don't think it's wood, or they would have mentioned something. Screamed something. They know Mars better than I do, or you do.

    So it's rock.

  5. How come, no one mentions the explosion that's obvious in the top left hand side? Look at a larger image:

    And tell me the more important thing, the huge explosion or the possibility of wood? lol.

  6. @ Phil:

    Does someone always have to tell you what things are before you're able to recognize them?

    The problem we face is that too many people base their opinions on what the corporate-owned media and "experts" tell them. But once we begin to truly think for ourselves, and search for knowledge outside of the population control grid, we are labeled "conspiracy theorists".

    It seems that people have a hard time understanding why it's in the establishment's best interest to withhold information. Once this is understood, it's easier to see the big picture.

  7. It's a Giant Flake - this alone justifies a manned mission to Mars. At least the astronauts would have something to eat :-)