Dec 3, 2008

The Amero Is Being Printed But Ron Paul Says End The Fed

Even as congressman Ron Paul and other courageous Americans work to eliminate the Federal Reserve System and return the nation to a gold or silver standard, the international bankers of the global elite that control the Federal Reserve are making plans to move the United States, Canada and Mexico to a single united currency known as the Amero.

If the bankers get their way, Americans will be trading their currency that has the faces of past American presidents on them for strange bills that have a deer or a pyramid on them.

But at least someone is fighting back. Ron Paul believes that the Fed is unconstitutional and has introduced legislation to abolish the Federal Reserve Board.

Ron Paul's bill, H.R. 2755, would require that U.S. currency be backed by gold or silver, but since it was introduced last summer hardly anyone else in the government has expressed any support for it.

Ron Paul told the following: "The Constitution says only gold and silver can be used as legal tender. Printing paper money or creating money with a computer is not permissible, and economically it’s a disaster."

Many Americans are waking up and are beginning to realize that the Federal Reserve is at the heart of the economic problems that they are facing.

Thousands of protesters gathered in 45 cities around the United States on the Saturday before Thanksgiving for huge "End the Fed" protests. Never before have there been such widespread protests against the Federal Reserve, and it is an encouraging sign that more Americans are beginning to understand that the Federal Reserve is a private, for-profit bank that is controlled by international bankers and not the American people.

However, these protests are not preventing the international bankers from moving ahead with their insidious plans to introduce "the Amero" to North America.

A picture of a "50 Amero" bill recently appeared on the website of the Russian news agency Pravda. You can see a picture of this 50 Amero bill at the top of this article. Many pictures of alleged "Amero coins" have also been circulating on the internet.

There is apparently an image of a deer on the 50 Amero bill, while an image of a pyramid of Mexican Indians can be seen on the 100 Amero bill according to Pravda.

There are many who believe that the international bankers intend to use this financial crisis and the mega-inflation which is coming down the road to convince the people of North America that they need a new currency (controlled by the international bankers of course).

However, we don't believe that the international bankers are actually going to be able to bring their plans to fruition. But in any event, this is something to keep a very close eye on.


  1. The amero coins shown here are available to anyone that wants them at the dc-coin website. The amero bills shown were a project by a Flickr user. (Search for amero bill at Flickr... you can see the back side too.)

  2. Ok this article makes little sense. You'd think once the Amero got printed the federal reserve would have less power and our monetary systems would be completly in public hands. Look at the Euro once it was printed, after so, banks then had little or no control on the inflation rates over seas. The same would/should happen with the Amero. How will the Amero come into play? By the backing from Canada's natural resources? And if so, couldn't the Americans just print out a tonne of Amero's, Devalueing their dollar, then buy back the debt with their newly formed currency..? If this is their plan it would save the world economy but would more then likely screw up eastern markets like Japan. It would fuck over the UK too being the 3rd biggest creditor to the Americans. I've read in many reports that once the Amero is printed it'll set the currency for the 3 North American countries but at a rate 10% currently lower then the US dollar is now. Would this really balance out markets? Yeah that's my say and my Q, drop a line.