Dec 14, 2008

The Daily Buzz - Do The Feds Have Rahm Emanuel On Tape Discussing The Vacated Senate Seat With Rod Blagojevich?

-Was Rahm Emanuel caught on FBI wire-taps discussing the fate of Barack Obama’s vacated U.S. Senate seat with Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich?

-The Roman Catholics are making it very, very clear that they oppose "any unjust discrimination on the basis of homosexuality."

-A 16 year old girl in the U.K. was recently gang raped and covered in burning caustic soda.

-Archaeologists are finding amazing things in Derinkuyu - a mysterious underground city in Turkey that is apparently over 3000 years old.

-Is General Motors in so much trouble that nothing can save them now?

-Drug resistant TB is exploding all over China.

-Tim Tebow of the University of Florida Gators DID NOT win the Heisman Trophy. Fortunately, the Florida Gators will get a chance to play for the national championship of college football in January.

-Playboy is getting a lot of trouble for putting "the virgin Mary" on the cover of their magazine down in Mexico.

-Is Christmas dying out?

-Is George W. Bush finally being fully honest about his religious beliefs now that he is leaving office?

-Start a blog and change the world?

-Lastly, Bird Flu is racing across Asia as fears of a 21st century pandemic begin to rise.

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