Dec 7, 2008

The Daily Buzz - Experts Warn That Job Losses Could Soon Reach One Million Per Month

-Experts are now saying that as many as a million American jobs could be lost every single month by the time next spring rolls around.

-A new poll reveals that Americans are much more in favor of gay marriage than they were just a few short years ago.

-Police in Iran arrested 49 people this week in a northern Iranian city for wearing "satanic" western clothing.

-Citibank is taking the bailout money given to it by U.S. taxpayers and is going on a toll road buying binge.

-Check out this very intriguing article: Darwinian Medicine 2.0

-Barack Obama is promising extremely aggressive economic growth measures when he takes office.

-Oil actually dipped below 42 dollars a barrel on Friday. How is it possible that oil has dropped 100 dollars a barrel in such a short period of time?

-You don't believe that America is a police state yet? Perhaps you will change your mind after you read about a SWAT team like raid by authorities on a farm house in Ohio.

-Many schools in America are now making it impossible to fail by completely getting rid of the letter grade F.

-While many are suffering from unemployment, in Sweden there are plenty of job openings for witches.

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