Dec 17, 2008

The Daily Buzz - Holes Have Been Discovered In The Magnetic Field Surrounding The Earth

-Leaks have been found in the earth's protective magnetic field.

-Will Barack Obama pressure Israel to give up more land?

-Have the Democrats embraced dynasty politics?

-Eight million children in America have been diagnosed with mental disorders.

-The governor of New York is planning to subject citizens of that state to an "obesity tax".

-One analyst has calculated that the total cost for all of these financial bailouts is now over 8 trillion dollars.

-The IMF chief is warning that we could see riots in the streets if the financial system is not fixed.

-Chinese agriculture officials have ordered the slaughter of 377,000 chickens in an attempt to slow down the spread of bird flu.

-Lastly, Caroline Kennedy's bid to become the next Senator from New York is causing conflict in the Democratic party.

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