Dec 19, 2008

The Daily Buzz - It Is Now Legal For The Government To Take The DNA Of Your Newborn Baby

-Did you know that President Bush has signed a law which allows the federal government to screen the DNA of all newborn babies in the United States?

-One newspaper is now reporting that Rahm Emanuel had direct discussions about the vacant Illinois Senate seat with troubled Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich.

-The financial mess that we are currently experiencing is very complicated.

-Check out this intriguing article: "Today's Baal Worshipers"

-Absolutely stunning - oil has now sunk below 37 dollars a barrel.

-The flu is hitting the U.K. with extraordinary force this year.

-Hedge funds are failing at an alarming rate.

-Do a group of Islamic extremists have a plan for "invading Facebook"?

-Did the Chinese government cover up a massive bird flu outbreak for a whole month?

-Global warming? This week Southern California had some snow which is very unusual for this time of year.

-Lastly, is it possible that the Earth is being visited by beings that ancient documents referred to as "the Watchers"?

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