Dec 25, 2008

The Daily Buzz - "Santa Claus" Opens Fire And Guns Down Three People

-Deadly Santa Claus - three people were left dead at a party after a man in a Santa suit opened fire.

-Is war coming? Pakistan is in a "war frenzy" as they intensify troop movements.

-Palestinian militants have launched their biggest rocket barrage on southern Israel in at least six months.

-It is being reported that Rahm Emanuel gave Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich a list of names preferred by Barack Obama to fill the Senate seat that he was vacating.

-A huge flu outbreak in the U.K. is hitting the young the hardest.

-Russia is dramatically increasing their production of nuclear missiles.

-A woman buried in a snowbank survived for 3 days.

-Christmas surprise! - George W. Bush announces cushy appointments for 24 of his key aides and supporters.

-Americans may need to learn a whole new vocabulary for hard economic times.

-Lastly, one high school football team went through the entire season without ever punting and still won the state championship.

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