Dec 11, 2008

The Daily Buzz - The U.S. Government Racks Up A 402 Billion Dollar Deficit In 2 Months

-The U.S government deficit for the first 2 MONTHS of this new fiscal year: 402 BILLION.

-43 states are in serious financial trouble.

-Barack Obama reportedly plans to offer Israel a "nuclear umbrella".

-Even while the rest of the economy is in the dumps, the demand for emergency storable food is exploding.

-Ron Paul had some very interesting things to say about gun control recently.

-Is George W. Bush's environmental legacy irreversible?

-Now transhumanists are asking questions such as this: Do We have a Moral Duty to Improve the Human Race?

-Perfume vials from the time of Jesus have been discovered in Israel.

-Barack Obama is vowing to end global warming.

-People living near the New Madrid fault line apparently have a false sense of security.

-A state commission is recommending that New Jersey should legalize gay marriage.

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